Class ModifierNode

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class ModifierNode
    extends ASTNode
    Represents a modifier

    Created by Daniel.Sun on 2016/08/23.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ModifierNode

        public ModifierNode​(Integer type)
      • ModifierNode

        public ModifierNode​(Integer type,
                            String text)
        type - the modifier type, which is same as the token type
        text - text of the ast node
      • ModifierNode

        public ModifierNode​(AnnotationNode annotationNode,
                            String text)
        annotationNode - the annotation node
        text - text of the ast node
    • Method Detail

      • isModifier

        public boolean isModifier()
        Check whether the modifier is not an imagined modifier(annotation, def)
      • isVisibilityModifier

        public boolean isVisibilityModifier()
      • isNonVisibilityModifier

        public boolean isNonVisibilityModifier()
      • isAnnotation

        public boolean isAnnotation()
      • isDef

        public boolean isDef()
      • getType

        public Integer getType()
      • getOpcode

        public Integer getOpcode()
      • isRepeatable

        public boolean isRepeatable()