Class GStringImpl

All Implemented Interfaces:
Buildable, GroovyObject, Writable,, java.lang.CharSequence, java.lang.Comparable

public class GStringImpl
extends GString
Default implementation of a GString used by the compiler. A GString consist of a list of values and strings which can be combined to create a new String.
See Also:
GString, Serialized Form
  • Constructor Details

    • GStringImpl

      public GStringImpl​(java.lang.Object[] values, java.lang.String[] strings)
      Create a new GString with values and strings.

      Each value is prefixed by a string, after the last value an additional String might be used. This means strings.length == values.length || strings.length == values.length + 1.

      NOTE: The lengths are not checked. Using different lengths might result in unpredictable behaviour.

      values - the value parts
      strings - the string parts
  • Method Details

    • getStrings

      public java.lang.String[] getStrings()
      Get the strings of this GString.

      This methods returns the same array as used in the constructor. Changing the values will result in changes of the GString. It is not recommended to do so.

      Specified by:
      getStrings in class GString
    • trim

      public java.lang.String trim()
    • isEmpty

      public boolean isEmpty()
    • codePointAt

      public int codePointAt​(int index)
    • codePointBefore

      public int codePointBefore​(int index)
    • codePointCount

      public int codePointCount​(int beginIndex, int endIndex)
    • offsetByCodePoints

      public int offsetByCodePoints​(int index, int codePointOffset)
    • getChars

      public void getChars​(int srcBegin, int srcEnd, char[] dst, int dstBegin)
    • getBytes

      public byte[] getBytes​(java.nio.charset.Charset charset)
    • contentEquals

      public boolean contentEquals​(java.lang.StringBuffer sb)
    • contentEquals

      public boolean contentEquals​(java.lang.CharSequence cs)
    • equalsIgnoreCase

      public boolean equalsIgnoreCase​(java.lang.String anotherString)
    • compareTo

      public int compareTo​(java.lang.String anotherString)
    • compareToIgnoreCase

      public int compareToIgnoreCase​(java.lang.String str)
    • regionMatches

      public boolean regionMatches​(int toffset, java.lang.String other, int ooffset, int len)
    • regionMatches

      public boolean regionMatches​(boolean ignoreCase, int toffset, java.lang.String other, int ooffset, int len)
    • startsWith

      public boolean startsWith​(java.lang.String prefix, int toffset)
    • startsWith

      public boolean startsWith​(java.lang.String prefix)
    • endsWith

      public boolean endsWith​(java.lang.String suffix)
    • indexOf

      public int indexOf​(int ch)
    • indexOf

      public int indexOf​(int ch, int fromIndex)
    • lastIndexOf

      public int lastIndexOf​(int ch)
    • lastIndexOf

      public int lastIndexOf​(int ch, int fromIndex)
    • indexOf

      public int indexOf​(java.lang.String str)
    • indexOf

      public int indexOf​(java.lang.String str, int fromIndex)
    • lastIndexOf

      public int lastIndexOf​(java.lang.String str)
    • lastIndexOf

      public int lastIndexOf​(java.lang.String str, int fromIndex)
    • substring

      public java.lang.String substring​(int beginIndex)
    • substring

      public java.lang.String substring​(int beginIndex, int endIndex)
    • concat

      public java.lang.String concat​(java.lang.String str)
    • replace

      public java.lang.String replace​(char oldChar, char newChar)
    • matches

      public boolean matches​(java.lang.String regex)
    • contains

      public boolean contains​(java.lang.CharSequence s)
    • replaceFirst

      public java.lang.String replaceFirst​(java.lang.String regex, java.lang.String replacement)
    • replaceAll

      public java.lang.String replaceAll​(java.lang.String regex, java.lang.String replacement)
    • replace

      public java.lang.String replace​(java.lang.CharSequence target, java.lang.CharSequence replacement)
    • split

      public java.lang.String[] split​(java.lang.String regex, int limit)
    • split

      public java.lang.String[] split​(java.lang.String regex)
    • toLowerCase

      public java.lang.String toLowerCase​(java.util.Locale locale)
    • toLowerCase

      public java.lang.String toLowerCase()
    • toUpperCase

      public java.lang.String toUpperCase​(java.util.Locale locale)
    • toUpperCase

      public java.lang.String toUpperCase()
    • toCharArray

      public char[] toCharArray()
    • intern

      public java.lang.String intern()