Class WritableFile

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Writable,, java.lang.Comparable<>

    public class WritableFile
    implements Writable
    A Writable File.
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    Serialized Form
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        pathSeparator, pathSeparatorChar, separator, separatorChar
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      Constructor Description
      WritableFile​( delegate)  
      WritableFile​( delegate, java.lang.String encoding)  
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      Modifier and Type Method Description writeTo​( out)
      Writes this object to the given writer.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • WritableFile

        public WritableFile​( delegate)
      • WritableFile

        public WritableFile​( delegate,
                            java.lang.String encoding)
    • Method Detail

      • writeTo

        public writeTo​( out)
        Description copied from interface: Writable
        Writes this object to the given writer.

        This is used to defer content creation until the point when it is streamed to the output destination. Oftentimes, content will be defined but not necessarily created (as is may be the case with a Closure definition.) In that case, the output is then 'deferred' to the point when it is serialized to the writer. This class may be used whenever an object should be responsible for creating its own textual representation, but creating the entire output as a single String would be inefficient (such as outputting a multi-gigabyte XML document.)

        Specified by:
        writeTo in interface Writable
        out - the Writer to which this Writable should output its data.
        the Writer that was passed
        Throws: - if an error occurred while outputting data to the writer