Class TypeHelper

  • public class TypeHelper
    extends Object
    This class contains helper methods for converting and comparing types. WARNING: This class is for internal use only. do not use it outside of its package and not outside groovy-core.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TypeHelper

        public TypeHelper()
    • Method Detail

      • getWrapperClass

        protected static Class getWrapperClass​(Class c)
        Get wrapper class for a given class. If the class is for a primitive number type, then the wrapper class will be returned. If it is no primitive number type, we return the class itself.
      • argumentClassIsParameterClass

        protected static boolean argumentClassIsParameterClass​(Class argumentClass,
                                                               Class parameterClass)
        Realizes an unsharp equal for the class. In general we return true if the provided arguments are the same. But we will also return true if our argument class is a wrapper for the parameter class. For example the parameter is an int and the argument class is a wrapper.
      • replaceWithMoreSpecificType

        protected static MethodType replaceWithMoreSpecificType​(Object[] args,
                                                                MethodType callSiteType)
        Replaces the types in the callSiteType parameter if more specific types given through the arguments. This is in general the case, unless the argument is null.
      • isIntCategory

        protected static boolean isIntCategory​(Class x)
      • isLongCategory

        protected static boolean isLongCategory​(Class x)
      • isBigDecCategory

        protected static boolean isBigDecCategory​(Class x)
      • isDoubleCategory

        protected static boolean isDoubleCategory​(Class x)