Interface VMPlugin

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    Java5, Java6, Java7, Java8, Java9

    public interface VMPlugin
    Interface to access VM version based actions. This interface is for internal use only!
    • Method Detail

      • setAdditionalClassInformation

        void setAdditionalClassInformation​(ClassNode c)
      • getPluginDefaultGroovyMethods

        Class[] getPluginDefaultGroovyMethods()
      • getPluginStaticGroovyMethods

        Class[] getPluginStaticGroovyMethods()
      • configureAnnotation

        void configureAnnotation​(AnnotationNode an)
      • invalidateCallSites

        void invalidateCallSites()
      • getInvokeSpecialHandle

        Object getInvokeSpecialHandle​(Method m,
                                      Object receiver)
        Returns a handle with bound receiver to invokeSpecial the given method. This method will require at least Java 7, but since the source has to compile on older Java versions as well it is not marked to return a MethodHandle and uses Object instead
        null in case of jdk<7, otherwise a handle that takes the method call arguments for the invokespecial call
      • invokeHandle

        Object invokeHandle​(Object handle,
                            Object[] args)
                     throws Throwable
        Invokes a handle produced by #getInvokeSpecialdHandle
        handle - the handle
        args - arguments for the method call, can be empty but not null
        the result of the method call
      • getVersion

        int getVersion()
        Gives the version the plugin is made for
        7 for jdk7, 8 for jdk8, 9 for jdk9 or higher