Class ReadWriteLockASTTransformation

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ASTTransformation, ErrorCollecting, org.objectweb.asm.Opcodes

    public class ReadWriteLockASTTransformation
    extends AbstractASTTransformation
    Handles generation of code for the @WithReadLock and @WithWriteLock annotation.
    This transformation adds an instance of ReentrantReadWriteLock to the class.
    Any method annotated with @WithReadLock will obtain a read lock and release it in a finally block.
    Any method annotated with @WithWriteLock will obtain a write lock and release it in a finally block.
    For more information see WithReadLock and WithWriteLock
    • Constructor Detail

      • ReadWriteLockASTTransformation

        public ReadWriteLockASTTransformation()
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      • visit

        public void visit​(ASTNode[] nodes,
                          SourceUnit source)
        Description copied from interface: ASTTransformation
        The method is invoked when an AST Transformation is active. For local transformations, it is invoked once each time the local annotation is encountered. For global transformations, it is invoked once for every source unit, which is typically a source file.
        nodes - The ASTnodes when the call was triggered. Element 0 is the AnnotationNode that triggered this annotation to be activated. Element 1 is the AnnotatedNode decorated, such as a MethodNode or ClassNode. For global transformations it is usually safe to ignore this parameter.
        source - The source unit being compiled. The source unit may contain several classes. For global transformations, information about the AST can be retrieved from this object.