Class NewStaticMetaMethod

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    public class NewStaticMetaMethod
    extends NewMetaMethod
    A MetaMethod implementation where the underlying method is really a static helper method on some class. This implementation is used to add new static methods to the JDK writing them as normal static methods with the first parameter being the class on which the method is added.
    • Constructor Detail

      • NewStaticMetaMethod

        public NewStaticMetaMethod​(CachedMethod method)
    • Method Detail

      • isStatic

        public boolean isStatic()
        Description copied from class: MetaMethod
        Returns whether or not this method is static.
        isStatic in class MetaMethod
        true if this method is static
      • invoke

        public Object invoke​(Object object,
                             Object[] arguments)
        Description copied from class: MetaMethod
        Invoke this method
        invoke in class ReflectionMetaMethod
        object - The object this method should be invoked on
        arguments - The arguments for the method if applicable
        The return value of the invocation