Class ScriptStaticExtensions

  • public class ScriptStaticExtensions
    extends Object
    This class defines new Java 6 specific static groovy methods which extend the normal JDK classes inside the Groovy environment.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ScriptStaticExtensions

        public ScriptStaticExtensions()
    • Method Detail

      • $static_propertyMissing

        public static ScriptEngine $static_propertyMissing​(ScriptEngineManager self,
                                                           String languageShortName)
        Provides a convenient shorthand for accessing a Scripting Engine with name languageShortName using a newly created ScriptEngineManager instance.
        self - Placeholder variable used by Groovy categories; ignored for default static methods
        languageShortName - The short name of the scripting engine of interest
        the ScriptEngine corresponding to the supplied short name or null if no engine was found