Class SecureASTCustomizerFactory

    • Constructor Detail

      • SecureASTCustomizerFactory

        public SecureASTCustomizerFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • isHandlesNodeChildren

        public boolean isHandlesNodeChildren()
        Description copied from interface: Factory
        Does this factory "Own" it's child closure.
        Specified by:
        isHandlesNodeChildren in interface Factory
        isHandlesNodeChildren in class AbstractFactory
        true if the factory should have onContentClosure() called, false if the builder should handle it
      • onNodeChildren

        public boolean onNodeChildren​(FactoryBuilderSupport builder,
                                      Object node,
                                      Closure childContent)
        Description copied from interface: Factory
        Only called if it isLeaf is false and isHandlesNodeChildren is true
        Specified by:
        onNodeChildren in interface Factory
        onNodeChildren in class AbstractFactory
        builder - the FactoryBuilder
        node - the node (returned from newINstance) to consider the attributes for
        childContent - the child content closure of the builder
        true if the factory builder should apply default node processing to the content child