Class InterfaceHelperClassNode

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    public class InterfaceHelperClassNode
    extends InnerClassNode
    Represents an inner class defined as helper for an interface
    • Constructor Detail

      • InterfaceHelperClassNode

        public InterfaceHelperClassNode​(ClassNode outerClass,
                                        String name,
                                        int modifiers,
                                        ClassNode superClass,
                                        List<String> callSites)
        name - is the full name of the class
        modifiers - the modifiers, @see org.objectweb.asm.Opcodes
        superClass - the base class name - use "java.lang.Object" if no direct base class
        callSites - list of callsites used in the interface
    • Method Detail

      • setCallSites

        public void setCallSites​(List<String> cs)
      • getCallSites

        public List<String> getCallSites()