Class CompileTaskSupport

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    GenerateStubsTask, GroovycTask

    public abstract class CompileTaskSupport
    Support for compilation related tasks.
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      protected classpath  
      protected CompilerConfiguration config  
      protected File destdir  
      protected boolean failOnError  
      protected LoggingHelper log  
      protected src  
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      • Fields inherited from class

        target, taskName, taskType, wrapper
      • Fields inherited from class

        description, location, project
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      protected abstract void compile()  
      protected GroovyClassLoader createClassLoader() createClasspath()  
      CompilerConfiguration createConfiguration() createSrc()  
      void execute() getClasspath()  
      boolean getFailonerror() getSrcdir()  
      protected void handleException​(Exception e)  
      void setClasspath​( path)  
      void setClasspathRef​( r)  
      void setDestdir​(File dir)  
      void setFailonerror​(boolean fail)  
      void setSrcdir​( dir)  
      protected void validate()  
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        clone, getDescription, getLocation, getProject, setDescription, setLocation
    • Field Detail

      • src

        protected src
      • destdir

        protected File destdir
      • classpath

        protected classpath
      • failOnError

        protected boolean failOnError
    • Constructor Detail

      • CompileTaskSupport

        public CompileTaskSupport()
    • Method Detail

      • setFailonerror

        public void setFailonerror​(boolean fail)
      • getFailonerror

        public boolean getFailonerror()
      • createSrc

        public createSrc()
      • setSrcdir

        public void setSrcdir​( dir)
      • getSrcdir

        public getSrcdir()
      • setDestdir

        public void setDestdir​(File dir)
      • setClasspath

        public void setClasspath​( path)
      • getClasspath

        public getClasspath()
      • createClasspath

        public createClasspath()
      • setClasspathRef

        public void setClasspathRef​( r)
      • validate

        protected void validate()
      • handleException

        protected void handleException​(Exception e)
      • execute

        public void execute()
        execute in class