Class FilteredNodeChildren

    • Constructor Detail

      • FilteredNodeChildren

        public FilteredNodeChildren​(GPathResult parent,
                                    Closure closure,
                                    Map<String,​String> namespaceTagHints)
        parent - the GPathResult prior to the application of the expression creating this GPathResult
        closure - the Closure to use to filter the nodes
        namespaceTagHints - the known tag to namespace mappings
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      • pop

        public GPathResult pop()
        Description copied from class: GPathResult
        Returns the parent of this GPathResult. If this GPathResult has no parent the GPathResult itself is returned. This is no navigation in the XML tree. It is backtracking on the GPath expression chain. It is the behavior of parent() prior to 2.2.0. Backtracking on '..' actually goes down one level in the tree again. find() and findAll() are popped along with the level they have been applied to.
        pop in class GPathResult
        the parent or this