Annotation Type Field

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    public @interface Field
    Variable annotation used for changing the scope of a variable within a script from being within the run method of the script to being at the class level for the script.

    The annotated variable will become a private field of the script class. The type of the field will be the same as the type of the variable. Example usage:

     import groovy.transform.Field
     @Field List awe = [1, 2, 3]
     def awesum() { awe.sum() }
     assert awesum() == 6
    In this example, without the annotation, variable awe would be a local script variable (technically speaking it will be a local variable within the run method of the script class). Such a local variable would not be visible inside the awesum method. With the annotation, awe becomes a private List field in the script class and is visible within the awesum method.