Package groovy.lang

Interface MutableMetaClass

    • Method Detail

      • isModified

        boolean isModified()
        Return whether the MetaClass has been modified or not
        True if it has
      • addNewInstanceMethod

        void addNewInstanceMethod​(Method method)
        adds a new instance method to this MetaClass. Instance methods are able to overwrite the original methods of the class. Calling this method should not be done after initialise was called.
        method - the method to be added
      • addNewStaticMethod

        void addNewStaticMethod​(Method method)
        adds a new static method to this MetaClass. This is only possible as long as initialise was not called.
        method - the method to be added
      • addMetaMethod

        void addMetaMethod​(MetaMethod metaMethod)
        Adds a new MetaMethod to the MetaClass
        metaMethod - The MetaMethod to add
      • addMetaBeanProperty

        void addMetaBeanProperty​(MetaBeanProperty metaBeanProperty)
        Adds a new MetaBeanProperty to the MetaClass
        metaBeanProperty - The MetaBeanProperty instance