Package groovy.lang

Class MetaClassRegistryChangeEvent

    • Constructor Detail

      • MetaClassRegistryChangeEvent

        public MetaClassRegistryChangeEvent​(Object source,
                                            Object instance,
                                            Class clazz,
                                            MetaClass oldMetaClass,
                                            MetaClass newMetaClass)
        Constructs a new MetaClassRegistryChangeEvent Object
        source - The object the event originates at.
        instance - Object instance the MetaClass change is on.
        clazz - The class that is affected by the registry change
        oldMetaClass - The old MetaClass
        newMetaClass - The new MetaClass
    • Method Detail

      • getClassToUpdate

        public Class getClassToUpdate()
        Get the class that is updated.
        The updated class
      • getNewMetaClass

        public MetaClass getNewMetaClass()
        Get the new MetaClass
        The new MetaClass
      • getOldMetaClass

        public MetaClass getOldMetaClass()
        Get the old MetaClass
        The old MetaClass
      • isPerInstanceMetaClassChange

        public boolean isPerInstanceMetaClassChange()
        Determines if this event is for a change for a single instance or all instances of the Class.
        whether this event is for a single instance
      • getInstance

        public Object getInstance()
        Returns the instance this event is for.
        the instance or null if this event is for a change for all instances of a class
      • getRegistry

        public MetaClassRegistry getRegistry()
        Get the MetaClassRegistry that originates this change
        the source MetaClassRegistry