Package groovy.lang

Class MetaClassRegistry.MetaClassCreationHandle

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    public static class MetaClassRegistry.MetaClassCreationHandle
    extends Object
    Class used as base for the creation of MetaClass implementations. The Class defaults to MetaClassImpl, if the class loading fails to find a special meta class. The name for such a meta class would be the class name it is created for with the prefix "groovy.runtime.metaclass." By replacing the handle in the registry you can have any control over the creation of what MetaClass is used for a class that you want to have. WARNING: experimental code, likely to change soon
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      • MetaClassCreationHandle

        public MetaClassCreationHandle()
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      • create

        public final MetaClass create​(Class theClass,
                                      MetaClassRegistry registry)
        Creates a metaclass implementation for theClass.
        theClass - The class to create a metaclass for
        registry - The metaclass registry the metaclass we be registered in.
      • isDisableCustomMetaClassLookup

        public boolean isDisableCustomMetaClassLookup()
        Returns whether custom meta classes are disabled.
      • setDisableCustomMetaClassLookup

        public void setDisableCustomMetaClassLookup​(boolean disableCustomMetaClassLookup)
        Set flag saying to disable lookup of custom meta classes It's enough to call this method only once in your application for handle which was set in to registry as every new handle will inherit this property
        disableCustomMetaClassLookup - flag saying to disable lookup of custom meta classes